Our Story

Bob Williams and Ken Grewal co-founded Forthlane based on their belief that wealthy Canadian families lacked a truly global, institutional-grade multi-family office that focused on far more than simply investments and portfolio management.


Our four quadrant approach to wealth:

We recognize the importance of having a world-class investment offering, but the consistent feedback we received on our listening tour is that families also want to engage more deeply with their wealth. Hence, our four quadrant approach to wealth.


All of our services and client experiences are designed to incorporate and align with these four quadrants


Values Wealth

Learn the tools to be the best steward of your wealth possible

Physical & Mental Wealth

Live life to your highest potentials

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Relationship Wealth 

Invest in close, authentic communities

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Financial Wealth

Preserve and grow your family’s hard earned freedom


The Story Behind Our Name

When it came time to choose a name for our firm, the last thing we wanted to use was our founders’ initials or a location that solely held meaning to them.  We are building a firm that has longevity – one that will outlast our founders and be able to service multi-generations of our client families.

The name Forthlane is meant to evoke a sense of forward momentum - a family moving forward and evolving but following a defined path.  We take pride in having the opportunity to help a family build their roadmap to navigate the complexity of their wealth and relationships. Our name is also a play on our four quadrant approach to wealth.

The bird in our emblem represents our great appreciation for the restorative, grounding powers of nature – particularly in an increasingly hectic and confusing world. Though we thrive and operate in the urban centres of finance and technology, we firmly believe that taking the time to pause and take a “walk in the woods” enables people to reach where they want to be…as individuals, family members, employees and community members.


Our Culture


One of the biggest opportunities we have as a start-up is the ability to create the right culture and team to execute on our vision.


Structural Alignment with Our Clients

  • We are a privately owned and sustainable partnership where every member has an ownership stake

  • We are both owners and clients; a firm ‘built by clients for clients’

  • We embrace a team-based approach to relationship management – there are no “lone wolves” at Forthlane

Tailored Client Solutions Underpinned by Multidisciplinary Expertise

  • With over 150 years of collective experience at premier global institutions, our team has deep in-house subject matter expertise in investment banking, pension plan portfolio management, cross-border financial planning, tax, trust and estate planning, family education and digital strategy

  • We leverage our proprietary global network to create optimal client outcomes

Deeply Passionate about Being Problem Solvers & Simplifiers

  • Our common passion for helping families navigate the complexities of their wealth across multiple generations energizes our entire team. Having a real impact on lives is one of our key motivators


Charlie Smith, Head of Business Development

“We are living in a period of unprecedented change. Our team is excited to embrace the opportunities that these changes bring and simultaneously help our clients face the challenges that these changes present.”