Our Services

Forthlane provides its client families a broad-based global wealth management platform. Some families work with us on a comprehensive basis, while others elect to use individual services. 


Our platform spans four core services:

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Strategic Wealth Planning

Distilling your total wealth into a goals-based framework

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The Forthlane Institute

Innovative, continuous family education and engagement

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Global Investment Management

Bringing institutional best practices to family portfolios

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Private Markets Investing

Proprietary sourcing and analysis of private investments

Ken Grewal, Co-Founder and CEO

"Wealth managers need to engage the whole family with their services. A one-size-fits-all approach is a path to failure."


Strategic Wealth Planning

With significant wealth often comes commensurate complexity.  Due to the fragmented nature of the Canadian wealth management industry, families are often left to piece together the advice they receive from multiple parties across many disciplines, creating potentially harmful misalignments. 

Our objective is to serve as your quarterback, working collaboratively with your external advisors to bring clarity and definition to your objectives and ensure they are being met in the least complex manner. Concurrently, we work with you to ensure the proper administration of your assets, allowing you to outsource many of the services normally handled by a family office.


Hadielia Yassiri, Head of Strategic Wealth Planning

“Our objective is to help relieve the pain points associated with the complexities of administering your wealth, serving as a true collaborator between you and your advisors.”


Our services span the following:

Consolidated Net Worth Analysis and Reporting

Cash Flow Management

Tax Optimization and Planning Review

Trust and Estate Planning Review

Succession Planning Review

Credit Advisory

Insurance Planning Review

Advisor Review and Selection

Document Management

“Event” Management

Wealth Administration


The Forthlane Institute 

We live in complex times. All families are grappling with a number of issues that may hamper their continued long-term success and happiness:


Fleeting Wealth

Families must take proactive action to prevent the “Rule of 92”, which reveals that 92% of families lose their wealth by the third generation

A New Era of Philanthropy

Families seek guidance and opportunities to affect real change and generate true meaning with their wealth. They are no longer content with just writing blank cheques


Defining your Purpose and Roadmap

Families recognize that all the money in the world cannot replace the value of having meaning and purpose in one’s life. Individual success is optimized by having a collective, strategic roadmap for family harmony

Technology – Friend and Foe

Families are faced with the challenge of bridging the dichotomy between the benefits of technology and technology’s negative impacts on authentic interactions and the quality of relationships

Unprecedented Change… and Anxiety

Individuals are experiencing more change during their lifetimes than any other prior generation in human history, and companies have never been more susceptible to disruption. This level of change has markedly increased depression and anxiety

Facilitation and Execution

Families recognize the value of engaging with their wealth more but want guidance on how to find the best expertise and how to execute on their recommendations


The Forthlane Institute aims to elevate and empower families so they can thrive in business and in life, helping the entire family make wise decisions and deliver more clarity to their lives.

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We support your family in articulating your values and legacy to build for continued success. A focus on sound family governance, family stories, and effective communication will support the alignment of wealth transfer.

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Impact Philanthropy

We help families create their own philanthropic strategies and connect them with resources to execute on those strategies. We also educate on alternatives to traditional philanthropy such as impact investing and social ventures.

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The mind body connection is essential to personal and professional growth. We will support your family by increasing your individual capacity in health and wellness, as well as in professional identity building.


Education and Performance

We educate your family members in topics such as financial literacy, law, ethics, and strategy at a level that is suited to each member’s age, stage and level of knowledge


Global Investment Management

Building on the framework of our Strategic Wealth Planning and Forthlane Institute offerings, we provide families a sophisticated and comprehensive global investment management platform. Large Canadian pension plans are globally recognized as true innovators in their approach to asset allocation and portfolio management, but ironically, those attributes are extremely difficult for Canadian families to access. Forthlane’s deep and experienced investment team develops customized portfolios using the same philosophy pioneered by Canadian pension plans and Ivy League endowments, in a sense “institutionalizing” private client assets.  We develop globally diversified portfolios that blend private and public investments, passive and active strategies and world-class managers across asset classes.   

Our investment philosophy rests on the following pillars:


A Full Overview

The wealth management industry is overly focused on your liquid assets, which for many wealthy families is  a small portion of their entire net worth. Forthlane has the sophistication and experience to understand your entire net worth and advise you in an integrated manner


Goals-based Framework

Rather than arbitrarily selecting a benchmark that has no relevance to your true objectives, we develop specific plans to address your goals - whether it is funding your annual expenses, hedging a specific risk or the long-term asset allocation for your foundation


Optimal Architecture

Many firms talk about “Open Architecture” – the flexibility to work with a broad range of external managers. We believe in “Optimal Architecture” – combining world class external managers with internal capabilities where we can generate better returns through lower fees and greater efficiency, complemented by direct investments in private opportunities


Asset Allocation and Portfolio Construction

Building on the best practices of leading institutional investors like the Yale endowment fund and Ontario Teachers Pension Plan, we believe in globally diversified multi-asset class portfolios. We are focused on identifying emerging asset classes that can mitigate risk and deliver better returns for our client families


Tax and Fee Optimization

Most investment management firms pay, at best, a cursory level of attention to after-tax returns. We focus on optimizing cash flows to reduce tax drag  and concurrently obsess over how to reduce fees through innovative structuring – getting our portfolio exposures at “wholesale” rather than “retail” pricing


We are not a dogmatic “one-size fits all” firm.  We recognize that families of significant wealth have varied requirements, skills and philosophies.  Hence our flexible ways we work with you: 

Outsourced Chief Investment Officer

Customized Portfolio Management

Single Asset Class Solutions

Alternatives Advisory

Concentrated Position Risk Management

Asset Administration


Wayne Kozun, Chief Investment Officer

“Wealthy families are obviously keenly interested in unique private investments, but they also need a trusted and sophisticated team to assist them with diligencing their own private market opportunities.”


Private Markets Investing

Structural changes in global capital markets have increased the importance and role that private investments play in a well-planned, optimized asset allocation

Shrinking Universe

The number of publicly traded companies in the US and other major developed markets has shrunk significantly - the Wilshire 5000 Index has only 3,486 companies left in it

Attractive Valuations

Private company transactions often take place at lower multiples than comparable public companies

Private for Longer

Due to regulatory burden and access to capital, many private companies are delaying going public, most notably the global tech “unicorns”

Investor Alignment

Operating outside of the quarterly reporting cycle of public companies, private companies with the right shareholder alignment can operate with a longer-term mindset


Analyzing and accessing private investments is difficult. High minimum investment levels, complex due diligence, uncertain cash flows and ensuring the right type of deal flow makes it difficult for wealthy families to implement a proper private markets program. Forthlane assists families by:

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Sourcing Unique Investments Opportunities

Leveraging our global network of leading family offices, private equity firms and independent investors, we source unique direct investment opportunities

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Analyzing Private Opportunities

We assist families in analyzing their private deal flow by providing rigour, experience and a second set of eyes for the due diligence process

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Advising on your Family Enterprise

Our deep dive process, combined with an ongoing and comprehensive wealth management relationship allows us to uniquely understand a family’s core operating business and provide strategic advice