A Multi-Family Office whose mission is to Professionalize and Humanize how families engage with their wealth and each other


Our Global Listening Tour

We started Forthlane by embarking on a global listening tour, armed with nothing but the notion that Canadian families deserve better options to manage the complexity of their wealth


Key takeways from our global listening tour:

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A True Quarterback

Families want a firm that is not only focused on investments, but one that can also coordinate, advise, and execute on a wide range of issues in all aspects of their lives

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Deliver Thoughtful Family Education and Philanthropy

Families need help educating and empowering their next generation and with creating more meaningful impact with their philanthropic giving

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Replicate the Global Pension/Endowment Model for Investing

It is extremely difficult for families to access the innovative approach to investments pioneered by Canadian pension funds and Ivy league endowments

Provide Proprietary Access & Analysis of Private Deals

Private investments are becoming increasingly integral to a well-planned asset allocation but are difficult to source and diligence


Ken Grewal, Co-Founder and CEO

“Our goal is to build the most respected multi-family office in Canada - not by awards and press, but by our client families, our external partners and competition.”


Our Four Quadrant Approach to Wealth

We recognize the importance of having a world-class investment offering, but the consistent feedback we received on our listening tour is that families also want to engage more deeply with their wealth. Hence, our four quadrant approach to wealth.


All of our services and client experiences are designed to incorporate and align with these four quadrants


Values Wealth

Learn the tools to be the best steward of your wealth possible

Physical & Mental Wealth

Live life to your highest potential

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Relationship Wealth 

Invest in close, authentic communities

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Financial Wealth

Preserve and grow your family’s hard earned freedom


Our Services

Forthlane provides its client families a broad-based global wealth management platform spanning four core services. Some families work with us on a comprehensive basis, while others elect to use individual services.

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Strategic Wealth Planning

Distilling your total wealth into a goals-based framework

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The Forthlane Institute

Innovative, continuous family education and engagement

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Global Investment Management

Bringing institutional best practices to family portfolios

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Private Markets Investing

Proprietary sourcing and analysis of private investments